Turning customer and citizen research into insight

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To make good business and behaviour change decisions you need insight and that comes from great research.

Research and insight are often bandied around in the business and behaviour change world inter-changeably but they’re not the same thing

Drawing on our experience of over 10 years of great research to inform strategies, this workshop will give you the insight, knowledge and skills to develop your own in-house online surveys, that can be used undertake research with New Zealand citizens, customers, employees or key stakeholders.

ChangeHub Research examples

Through a mix of case-studies, hands-on exercises and discussion, you will leave with the skills and knowledge to run your own online research.

Workshop Content

  1. Research fundamentals. Qualitative v quantitative research. Service design.

  2. Developing a research plan. Common pitfalls. Unconscious biases. Asking the right questions in the right way, of the right people.

  3. Getting started. In-house v external resourcing. Online survey tools - what’s best practice? Platform demonstration. Getting the best survey panel.

  4. Turning research into insight. Informing strategy development. Building an audience segmentation profile. Bringing your research to life.

  5. Project review and planning. Group exercise looking at real or test-case scenarios.

  6. Lessons from the field. Successful case-studies on: testing campaign collateral, stakeholder perceptions, running national surveys and measurement of public campaigns.

Workshop Details: Wellington, 10 May 2018, 10am - 3pm. Location TBC. Networking from 3pm.

Cost: $495 (exc. GST) includes refreshments and workbook

Register: janet@changehub.net or call Janet on 021 589456 for further information.

“I liked that the workshop brings practical real-life examples. Also, very good handout and discussion.”
“I found it really helpful to be able to discuss one-on-one with Janet our proposed campaign plans; to flesh out research ideas and keep strategies and tactics on focus.”
— ChangeHub research clients