Research Essentials/Creating Insights workshop


Turning data into insight and turning that insight into behavioural insight is a key first step for effective change planning.

Janet MacDonald, ChangeHub Director has developed research and insight for a range of public-sector and private clients. Recent projects include a multi-strand public transport research programme, air quality research (including a research toolkit), water quality (quant, qual and stakeholder) and education sector research (the largest parental engagement project undertaken by MoE).

Working across disciplines Janet brings together a range of approaches. This workshop will distill down her knowledge and experience and help guide research gathering and insight generation. Janet also has more than 15 years training and coaching experience. 

Workshop Details: Wellington, 25 May 2018, 9am - 4.30pm.

Terrace Conference Centre, 114 The Terrace.

Cost: $695 (exc. GST) includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and course workbook

To register email or call Janet on 021 589456 for further information.

Workshop Content

Getting started

  • What decision are you going to make, that will be better informed by this research?
  • Desk research/literature reviews
  • Creating effective summary reports

Which approach should you choose?

  • Qualitative research
    • Survey platforms
    • Effective questions
    • Identifying biases
    • Effective analysis
    • Advanced analysis
  • Quantitative research
    • Effective recruitment strategies
    • Moderation
    • Thematic analysis
  • Ethnographic
  • Observational

Next steps

  • Service design
  • Concept testing

Lessons from the field

  • Public Transport
  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality

Reporting and analysis

  • Effective reporting
  • Summary
  • Dashboards
  • Influencing change


“As this was our first foray into market research, ChangeHub really took the time to build an approach with us, and to ensure it was an approach that worked for us. The value we are now getting from the insights and the outputs have been a great foundation for building our work programme, and we have also been able to share these widely. It was a great working experience.’
— Programme Director, Rose Jamieson