Market research - making informed business decisions

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What do you need to know to move your business or project to the next level?

What motivates your audience?

What incentives will work for your audience?

How does your audience wants to hear from you?

Test your campaign ideas on real audiences before you commit to that media spend.

Find out the answers to these and other business challenges by doing targeted and effective market research.

Market research used to be the preserve of big businesses with big budgets but no longer.

Online survey platforms integrated with New Zealand opt-in databases give you the best of both worlds; analytical grunt and data visualisation combined with opinions and insights from real people in the local markets and areas you work in.

Using a tried and tested approach which we have developed over a number of years, ChangeHub offers unique and excellent value-for-money market reseach.

Depth and diversity in your panel survey is a key first step - we work with New Zealand’s largest and most diverse survey panel. Our panel size in NZ is currently 270,000 and we are building it up to 300,000. This is the largest first party, opt-in research only panel in NZ.

We offer:

  • National reach and nationally representative surveys

  • Ability to customise and target for regional and local issues

  • Ability to upscale with international reach, if required. We can survey in 94 countries.

  • Fast turnaround to feed into business decisions. We can be in-market within 24 hours of signed off survey

  • Real-time reporting - see results as they come in

  • Real-time top line analysis - crunch the numbers to identify trends and analysis

  • In-house execution or ChangeHub hosted. We can set the survey system up for your organisation to run in-house or we can deliver on your behalf.

We used this approach with great success across a number of organisations such as Fire and Emergency NZ, Ministry of Education, Ministry for the Environment and Environment Canterbury.

Quantitative insights are only part of the picture. Qualitative, ethnographic research or service design approaches might be more useful for what you need to know. We have experience and knowledge in all these areas and can advise.

Drop us an email or give me a call. An initial chat is free and with no obligation. 021 589456

“As this was our first foray into market research, ChangeHub really took the time to build an approach with us, and to ensure it was an approach that worked for us. The value we are now getting from the insights and the outputs have been a great foundation for building our work programme, and we have also been able to share these widely. It was a great working experience.’
— Programme Director, Rose Jamieson