Coaching programme

ChangeHub are offering a new Behaviour Change Planning programme.

Combining one-to-one sessions, three group workshops, a toolkit and an online moderated private LinkedIn group, the programme aims to give participants the knowledge and tools to develop sustainable behaviour change plans and strategies within a collaborative environment whilst drawing on expert advice and support.

Limited to 10 participants in each location and offered in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch from May 2019, the detailed programme elements are..


nudge for change

It can be the simple things in life that lead to changing behaviour. Some of those working in the behaviour change space find it perplexing that people simply don’t do what they are asked or even, what they tell us in that research, they are going to do.


gaming for science

In a fabulous example of technology benefiting society, the Alzheimers Society has partnered with University College London, University of East Anglia and communications company Deutsche Telekom to develop a game which will could help develop tests for the early diagnosis of alzhiemers.

The way players navigate the 3D levels in Sea Hero Quest will be anonymously tracked and sent to the researchers.