Behavioural Insights Workshop and Coaching programme

ChangeHub are offering a new Behavioural Insights Workshop and Coaching programme.

Combining one-to-one sessions, three group workshops, a toolkit and an online moderated private LinkedIn group, the programme aims to give participants the knowledge and tools to develop sustainable behaviour change plans and strategies within a collaborative environment whilst drawing on expert advice and support.

Limited to 10 participants and offered in Wellington and Christchurch from May 2019, the programme elements are:

One-to-one session. An hour to work though:

  • Taking a behavioural insights approach with your project/programme

  • Identifying your behaviour change goals and objectives

  • Audience identification – who is your target audience and how can we reach them?

  • Where are you now? What do know and what do you need to know to get started?

2.     Three ½ day workshops. Content to cover:

  • Workshop 1: Behavioural insights overview. Policy, programme and projects. Strategic behaviour change. Developing a client/citizen-centric approach to change. Success stories.

  • Workshop 2: Applying the concepts. Tools and models: Four approaches to change, Benchmark criteria. Quality research: qualitative and quantitative. Turning data into behavioural insights.

  • Workshop 3: Developing an action plan. Turning knowledge and insight into strategy. Motivation and momentum. Capturing your journey. Review and evaluation. Embedding change.

3.     One-to-one session. Held after the three workshops. An hour to work through:

  • Implementing your action plan

  • Getting started

  • Barriers and roadblocks

  • Stakeholder engagement

4.     Coaching and workshop workbook. The workbook will contain detailed behavioural insights knowledge and know-how drawn from Janet’s 15 years+ experience in the behaviour change sector and will also capture your learning, thinking and planning as you work through the programme.

5.     Closed LinkedIn group, moderated by Janet MacDonald, to provide a platform for engagement and discussion. Once the sessions start, everyone will be given access and asked to introduce themselves and the projects/programmes they are working on. The objective is to get an active online community sharing knowledge and working through challenges as they arise.

6.     Behavioural Insights/Behaviour Change toolkit (supplied on USB). The toolkit will give you access to a series of templates and planning materials to allow you to implement your learning and develop sustainable behaviour change plans and strategies. Contents:

  • ChangeHub behaviour change models

  • Strategy and planning templates

  • Research guide

  • Project/programme planning guide

  • Big Pocket Guide to Social Marketing (National Social Marketing Centre)

  • Procurement Guide (National Social Marketing Centre)

Programme locations: Wellington and Christchurch

Launch date: 1 May 2019.

One-to-one sessions: Early May 2019

Workshop dates: May and August 2019. Dates TBC

One-to-one sessions: Late August 2019


Cost: $2500 exc. GST

All inclusive of materials listed above and catering on workshop dates.

To register/more information contact Janet: email or call 021 589 456