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“The social marketing and behaviour change workshop was fantastic! The content was tailored to the work I undertake, making the content both relveant and interesting. The presenter was both extremely knowledgeable, engaging and funny which made the content even easier to understand and apply.
– Lisa Mills
Community Relations Ranger,Department of Conservation - Te Papa AtawhaiSouth Westland Weheka Area

“I found this course very useful and interesting. It provided me with a useful framework for examining policy problems.  It helped to sharpen my focus on the specific outcomes we want to achieve and who we need to get onboard to make that happen.  It also helped me to better understand the barriers and incentives that may impact on successful implementation of the policy.”
- Anna Carter, Ministry for the Environment.

“Thank you Janet for the fantastic workshop, it was great how you organised the presentation to cater for our varying levels of experience with social marketing tools as well as demonstrating how we could apply these methods to our specific areas of interest. As a team of social researchers with a focus on community, economy and environment, we really appreciated the range of topics covered, from theory to design frameworks and practical case studies. The content of the workshop included some valuable and innovative techniques which helped us reflect and consolidate our choice of methods and research frameworks. We also enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop which made for a fun and informative.”  
- Keri Brown
, Community, Economy & Environment Social Researcher, Environment Waikato, NZ.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot of new tools that I hope to practice in my work. The small size of the group really enhanced the learning process, both allowing for individual instruction, and learning from the questions of other participants. The one-on-one session was greatly detailed, tailored and practical. It was a wonderful learning experience.” 
- Kai Hong Tan, Public Health Nutritionist,
 The National Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Janet has, with great expertises and patience supported the community to develop both a comprehensive communications plan and the resources to support it. Her understanding of the technical limitations and how to explain and work with these in the community context have been very important for our own learning. Janet is talented at finding solutions approaches that will serve the community in ways that are beneficial and specific to them whilst also ensuring we maintain a focus on the bigger picture.
- Project Twin Streams Community Governance Project Manager

This was a multi-million dollar project but it simply couldn’t succeed if it failed at the community level – and success there largely depended on the communications.   It was a task that required patience, tact, respect for all, attention to detail, an understanding of community dynamics and of the requirements of the councils (including the bureaucratic/political environment). It was then held together with very extensive communications activities, consultation, cajoling, mediating, etc. We appointed Janet to this task as a contractor and never regretted that decision.  She was thorough, hard-working, committed and systematic. She knew her business and she knew her boundaries and when to ask for help.
- Dai Bindoff, Public Affairs for Waitakere City Council